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Trojan Sig football players talk on the record about their new celebrity coach. Here's why they love him.

Clyde Moore – Inside linebacker


“Coach Riley is awesome. He has set a standard which we must meet every day.”



Jac Casasante – Long Snapper


“It’s like a night and day difference. Helton is a great coach, great guy. I played with him for four years. But to see how quickly things have changed, the strides, it’s insane how quickly it happened.”


“Lincoln comes in and says a few things, puts in the right staff, they’re laying everything down in concrete and we're following it.”


“I think the biggest thing that changed is the accountability."



Miller Moss - Quarterback


Coach Riley: “It’s like nothing we’ve seen before, which has been awesome.” One of the “things people don’t get to see is how he is as a person hanging out with the team.” It’s a new “culture we’ve worked to try to develop. Coach Riley came in with a playbook for that. It goes unnoticed. The public sees wins and losses and they don’t know what goes into that.”



Shane Foley – former Trojan Quarterback, LA Sig Alumni Chapter Chairman


Views Coach Riley as a great opportunity for Brother Miller Moss, Trojan quarterback:

“He’s getting an opportunity to play for one of the best if not the best quarterback coach in the country” who has coached Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and others. Miller will excel even further because “has a better coach coaching him.” Miller is “getting more coaching from a top coach.”

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