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Riley: Sigma Chi QB Miller Moss is 'explosive'

and 'most improved' in battle for starting slot

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Trojan Head Coach Lincoln Riley spends time with Sigma Chi quarterback Matt Miller who is the turning a lot of heads.

'Extremely impressed" with the quarterback says Coach Riley

as Trojan football team readies for very big 2022-23 season

New Trojan Head Football Coach Lincoln Riley heaps praise on Sigma Chi quarterback Miller Moss, saying Miller has probably improved more than anyone on the roster, as recounted in this story in April courtesy of


“I really enjoy coaching Miller,” Riley said. “I really have and he’s one of those guys that has gotten so many reps. He’s Exhibit A on that. He’s had 50% of the reps and he is one of the guys that has taken full advantage. He had strung together several nice days in a row right now. He’s throwing the ball extremely well. Mentally, he’s getting more comfortable every day. He’s played very efficient, made a lot of explosive plays. I’ve been extremely impressed with the way he prepares and you can just tell his confidence is really growing. 


“At quarterback, probably as much as any, probably quarterback and corner — they are confident positions, man. All of them are but those two especially and he’s playing with a lot of confidence right now. That’s been fun to watch, fun to see the guy progress but he has prepared hard every day. He comes in, ready to go in meetings, he walks out to the field focused. The difference in him from practice one to, we just finished 12, but Miller maybe has improved the most of anyone on the team from one to 12.”

It takes a special kind of character to be a supremely talented quarterback while fighting for the starting job.


Such is the test of AU Sigma Chi brother Miller Moss right now on the 2022 Trojan football team. And more and more observers are backing Miller.


“If you look at it that way,” he chuckles, “there’s a ton of pressure competing.” But his lofty view is also his secret power: “At the end of the day, it’s just football. Simplify that, you end up playing a lot better.”


There is a lot of buzz around Miller going into the season. And the Trojan Sigs are proud as hell of Miller, the latest in a very, very long line of Sigs on the Trojan football team. Indeed, most of the original team in the late 1800’s were Sigs. This season, it includes Miller, Jude Walsh, Will Rose, Clyde Moore, Sean Mahoney, Briton Allen and Jac Casasante. Brother Bru McCoy transferred to Tennessee.


Miller was recruited into Sigma Chi initially by other Sigs on the football team – a close-knit group to which he says he “naturally gravitated.” He’s a member of last Spring’s 23-member initiate class. “It’s awesome,” he says of our fraternity. “I’m really, really close with the guys on the team. But I think it’s important to development relationships that permeate the campus. That is what I’ve found.” The Pacific Palisades homeboy is majoring in pre-law with a finance minor. 

No one better understands the test that Miller is going through right now than AU alum Shane Foley. Shane was also a Trojan quarterback who played right on the heels of Rodney Peete. And Shane really likes Miller’s chances. “I think he’s going to be a tremendous success,” he says. “I think he‘s been raised well and has a good head on his shoulders.”


Shane helps lead the LA Sigma Chi alumni chapter and asked Miller to speak at a recent luncheon. Shane knows Miller now has one of the best college football coaches in America, Lincoln Riley, coaching him and making him ever better just as Riley has with Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and others. “There’s a lot can happen in the course of a year,” he says.


Miller agrees that Coach Riley is a change agent. He says Riley “is like nothing we’ve seen before, which is awesome.” He says Riley is so effective in things people don’t ever get to see, “Like how he is as a person hanging out with the team.”


Riley and the coaches took particular note of Miller when he threw a spectacular touchdown pass to Texas transfer Malcolm Epps during April drills. The video went viral.

Sigma Chi quarterback Miller Moss threw such a perfect touchdown strike in practice that the video went viral.

Former Trojan QB Shane Foley welcomes Moss at the LA Sig monthy luncheon. Shane knows exactly what it's like to fight for the starting job against another great quarterback.

Moss is known for his accuracy even while his coach calls his arm "explosive."

Moss is prepared for every practice, says Coach Riley.

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Trojan quarterback Miller Moss says, when it comes to football players seeking a fraternity, there's no question that Sigma Chi is their best choice.

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LA alumni luncheon with Miller Moss QB.JPG

Quarterback Miller Moss was the keynote speaker at the LA Sig monthly luncheon.

Brother Moss gives an autograph for a young fan.

Sig footballers Moss Brees Lewis Jac.JPG

Brother Drew Brees poses with some of the brothers on the Trojan football team. "I walked up to him and gave him the grip," says Moss. "He was super excited that we were all in Sigma Chi." From left: Starting punter Will Rose, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Drew Brees, Placekicker Parker Lewis (transferred to Ohio State) and Long Snapper Jac Casasante.

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