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From opposite sides of the planet, 22 new brothers become Sigs

They came from all parts of California and from areas on both sides of the planet. On February 26th, they became unified with the rest of us in the sacred bonds of Sigma Chi during initiation ceremonies at Alpha Upsilon.

For details and the names and hometowns of our new brothers, click here for full report.

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Among the 22 new Alpha Upsilon brothers was Henry Roth, right, whose father Brad (UCLA Delta Eta) pinned him.

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Sigs sound off about:

....and it ain't pretty

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"Give it to me straight. How's the chapter?"

Our Chapter Advisor has unvarnished truth

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Andy Jessup and Patrick Muldoon at Grand Chapter.jpeg

Actor Patrick Muldoon stars for AU at Significant Sig Awards at Grand Chapter representing Trojan Sigs' latest 2021 winners



The tale of two Sig brothers, Trojan players turned coaches, best friends - and now rivals

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