USC undergrads snag top spot in nation

hauling in $100,001 for Huntsman Institute

(LOS ANGELES) – Even among all the other lofty accomplishments for the Alpha Upsilon chapter over generations, this new one is astonishing: USC undergrad brothers and pledges are at the top among all Sigma Chi chapters in raising donations this year for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


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Keep up to date on what's going on at the chapter house. For example, what's it been like to be in the chapter house and on campus during the Covid-19 pandemic?


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Trojan Sigs, welcome to your
new meeting place
for  alums and undergrads
Kerry McCluggage
Alpha Upsilon chapter history:
A legacy of leadership

For more than 130 years, our chapter has been a leader among Sigma Chi chapters across the continent. We're proud of our Significant Sigs, Constantine Sigs and other leaders in our alumni and undergraduates.

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Alpha Upsilon Gallery of Photos Over the Years


From 1898 to this year, we're posting photos about Alpha Upsilon. And you can contribute your Sigma Chi photos too.

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Hey, who's behind this new AU communications effort?


The Trojan Sig Foundation, the Trojan Sig House Corporation and the Alpha Upsilon undergraduate chapter have come together to enhance the chapter's scholarship and mentorship programs while bringing us all together more than ever before. Click here to learn more.

An honorable and surprising chapter founding detailed in book


You may've thought you knew about the founding of Alpha Upsilon in 1889. But our centennial was chronicled in a 1990 book - and we borrowed a copy from brother Gene Erbstoesser that you gotta read. Click here to see an excerpt.