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The Jessup Legacy just got even better: Meet the new Consul.

Grant Jessup Glessing photo.png

New Alpha Upsilon Consul Grant Jessup Glessing is the seventh Sig in his family.

Newly elected Sigma Chi Consuls get leadership training from several places: the Sigma Chi General Fraternity, the previous Consul and maybe they reach out to some alums.


But no Consul we know of has ever had the Sigma Chi training like new AU Consul Grant Jessup Glessing. He comes from a family of seven Sigma Chis over many generations. Yes, we said seven (see family profile on this page). He’s lived with Sigma Chi all his life, has seen the bond firsthand and has envisioned becoming a Sig for a long, long time (his family wouldn’t have it any other way). 


“As someone who was surrounded by Sigma Chi's throughout my life, I am grateful to have had these values taught to me from an early age,” says Grant. “I am excited to lead and built on the amazing culture we have at Alpha Upsilon.”

Grant takes over for Andrew Blokdyk, the chapter’s Exemplar Award winner and whose father was also an AU Consul. “It means a lot to me to be the next leader and follow in Andrew's footsteps,” he says. “The whole house has the utmost confidence that our Executive Board will do a great job.”


One of the first thing Consuls are taught is that it only takes one stupid move by one brother to bring down the entire chapter. “Our number one priority is to uphold the reputation that the house has worked extremely hard to earn over the past few years in our community,” Grant says. “We’ll do this by keeping our brothers accountable for their ability to make value-based decisions.”


You can reach Grant here.

The Jessup Seven: Legacies give a 'jump start'

on what it means to be a Sigma Chi brother

jessup 2009 treated.jpeg
Grant Jessup Glessing 2021.jpg

JESSUP NUMBER SEVEN: Newly initiated brother Grant Jessup Glessing is the 7th of the Jessup family to become a Sigma Chi. "It was a little overwhelming, to be honest."

Tim, Woody and Andy Jr.jpg

BROTHERS: Tim Jessup, Woody Dutton III, Andy Jessup, Jr.

Andrew III, Andy Sr and Grant.jpg
Andy Jessup and Patrick Muldoon at Grand Chapter copy.jpeg

"WHO'S THE REAL CELEBRITY HERE?" Actor and AU brother Patrick Muldoon with Andy Jessup, Jr. clowning around at 2021 Grand Chapter.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 3.43.51 PM.png

FOUR GENERATIONS OF JESSUP SIGS: Left to right - The patriarch Andrew Jessup, Sr., his grandson Drew Jessup III, Drew's dad Andy Jessup, Jr., and cousin Woody Dutton III.

ABOVE: Sailing off Newport, Drew Jessup, the patriarch Andy Jessup, Sr., and new initiate Grant Jessup Glessing. BELOW: On far right, Andy Jessup, Jr. stands proudly with Jessup #6 Grant Jessup Glessing after his initiation in October.

AU initiation w Andy Jessup 2021.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 6.24.38 PM.png

Sigma Chi runs mighty deep in the Jessup family. And it just got a little deeper with the initiation of Grant Jessup Glessing, the seventh Sig in that immediate family and nearly all from Alpha Upsilon.


The Jessup family’s commitment to Sigma Chi can be summed up in two simple photographs shown here: The first, shot in 2009 showing a boy whose face unmistakably says “maybe I’ll be like dad someday” wearing an oversized USC sweatshirt and a beaming smile next to his dad wearing his USC clothing – both have one hand on the White Cross standing in the yard of the Alpha Upsilon chapter house. The second photo, shot in 2017, show the same two with hand on that same White Cross – but in the interim eight years, the boy has now become a handsome young man and a proud pledge of Alpha Upsilon just like his dad had been.


Indeed, the boy, Drew Jessup III, did follow the path of his dad Andrew Jessup, Jr. Both are Alpha Upsilon brothers, two of seven Sigs in the Jessup family. Drew says his dad never pressured him to go Sigma Chi, insisting only that he "meet the guys," said Drew. But the years of those Sigma Chi conversations and the special bond was destined.


The Jessup Sig legacy hit that six-man mark only recently with the October initiation of Grant Jessup Glessing, the nephew of Andy Jessup, Jr. at Alpha Upsilon.


“It was a little overwhelming at first to be honest,” Grant said. “Kind of understanding how far back it goes.” 


During that magical moment we’ve all experienced, Andy Jessup, Jr. was there to pin the White Cross on Grant’s chest. It’s common for a relative in that moment to become so emotional that the lines get botched. Not with Andy. “He was so ready,” said Grant. “It was pretty epic. He was stoked. He killed it. He did not forget anything.”

The patriarch of the Jessup family is 90-year-old Andrew Jessup, Sr. who, by the way, rode his bike 44 miles on that birthday. "Dad's a stud!" says his son Andy, Jr.


The Jessup Seven are:


  • New initiate Grant Jessup Glessing, nephew of Andy Jessup, Jr. 

  • AU Sig (2021) Drew Jessup III (the boy in the photo)

  • AU Sig (1988)  Andy Jessup Jr., Drew’s father

  • AU Sig (1990) Uncle Charles “Woody” Dutton III

  • AU Sig (1991) Uncle Tim Jessup (Chapter Eternal)

  • Alpha chapter (Miami of Ohio, 1955) Sig Andrew Jessup, Sr.

  • University of Montana Sig (1926) Charles Woody “Booie” Dutton (Chapter Eternal), Great Grandfather to Grant


“I was raised surrounded by Sigs, and was instilled early, the values and honor of which being a Sigma Chi represents,” Andy Jessup, Jr. realizes. 

The touching 2009 photo was almost lost forever. “I remember taking the picture off a slide show on my office computer, which was replaced - and I lost all the pics,” Andrew said. But, imperfect as they are, he still has the two images.


When Drew was initiated back in 2018, he turned to see his dad Andy reaching out to pin his White Cross on him, Andy knew exactly what Drew was feeling. Because it happened to him too on February 2, 1986 - turning during that initiation 36 years ago to see his dad reaching out to pin the White Cross on his chest. During the first part of initiation, Andy remembers thinking “I could not wait to call my dad.” Little did he realize his dad was waiting in the wings. “At the Masonic Temple

jessup 2017 dad son cropped.jpeg

RIGHT: 2009 photo of young Drew with his dad Andy Jessup, Jr. at the house. ABOVE: 2017 photo of Drew as a new Sigma Chi pledge with his dad.

on Wilshire Blvd in LA, we commenced the Initiation Ceremony. Imagine my surprise to find my dad step out and pin the White Cross Badge over my heart.”


The concept of a legacy runs deep in the Jessup family, and in the Sigma Chi fraternity. Because there is an instinct within us to share loved things with our loved ones. And to be there during initiation to pin the White Cross on his chest amid candles and thoughtfulness and all that emotion, often surprising the bleary-eyed initiate.


“Thirty years later to present the Badge to my son, was a speechless moment for father and son,” he says. “And then to repeat this process with my USC DG sister’s son, was another breathtaking moment.”


“I find legacies strengthen Sigma Chi’s foundation,” says Andy. “Legacies within Alpha Upsilon take a remarkably unique interest in the well-being of the chapter and its brothers immediately. They have been raised by Sigs, who have shared the fundamental core values and honor of being a Sigma Chi, from an early age. We have a jump start on understanding what it means to live by the Jordan Standard; committing to living a life of character and integrity.”


Andy is well-known to many as the dedicated Sig and president of Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City, CA near Palm Springs. The thriving 80-year-old company is a third-generation family business, further underscoring his values. Andy’s dad, Andrew Jessup, Sr., is Chairman of the Board and the patriarch of this big Sig family.

Andy Jr. and Woody Dutton are so Sigma Chi that they each have a White Cross tattooed on their legs. 

Several years ago, Tim Jessup was killed in a tragic plane crash, devastating the family and the Sigma Chi bond. As a means of dealing with the pain and to remember Tim, his initials were added to the White Cross tattoo worn by Andy Jr. and Woody.


Brothers, take a tip from the Jessup family: Take that boy of yours to the front of the Sigma Chi house and get a photo standing next to him. Then hang onto it for a few years just in case you can take another one showing father and son Sigs.

Do you have photos of your son as a boy in a Sigma Chi setting? We’d love to share it with everyone. Send it to

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